Next recurring tasks is created in [-] cancelled status

What I’m trying to do

I have a recurring tasks

- [ ] test task #task πŸ“… 2023-06-08 πŸ” every week 

When I mark this task as done [x] - a new task is created, as expected. however, this is in status [-] cancelled

- [-] test task #task πŸ” every week πŸ“… 2023-06-15

Things I have tried

not much as I am frankly speaking quite cueless - next to the fact that I need to search through all my cancelled tasks to find those which I have missed.
What I did, though, is I removed the status cancelled from custom status in the tasks plugin settings.

I think I have gained a bit more insight.
My β€œTask Next Status Symbol” Setting prescribes that the next status after Done is Cancelled - and the next recurring Task is created in Cancelled status. I changed this setting to Todo- and then the next recurring Task is created as Todo. Hence my impression is, recurring tasks are not created in Todo status always but in the next recurring Task status.

Am I right in this observation? And if so, anyone aware if that can be modified?

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