Newly downloaded Obsidian app on New Mac

I have downloaded the Obsidian app to my new mac…and…when I open it I see no login or syncbutton… have been looking for about 5 minutes. Shouldn’t there bea ‘log in’ button…? How do I tell this app that it’s me so that I can useit?

What I’m trying to do

I imagine you’re using Obsidian Sync to sync your vault(s)?

Obsidian’s vault structure makes syncing set-up a little counterintuitive.

Obsidian does not assume you only have one vault, nor that you want to use all of your vaults the same way. As a result, you have to tell each “vault” how you expect it to work. The benefit of this is that you can establish specific vaults for specific purposes. E.g., Using Obsidian for qualitative analysis — a starter environment

So, when you first set up a new device, you have to:

  1. Create a new Vault. Name it the same as the vault you’re planning on syncing with.
  2. Go into Preferences → Core Plugins, and enable the Sync plugin.
  3. Go to Preferences → Sync and enter your login information.
  4. Still in Sync preferences: Connect to the remote Vault you want to sync with. (Enter the encryption key, if you’re using your own.)
  5. Still in Sync preferences: Configure Sync to synchronize everything you want it to sync.

That should be it, I think!

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Ryan, many, many thanks.


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