Newcomer from Xournalpp. Which plugins would I need to do something like this? Text + code + scribbling on top

Hello everyone. I’ve been hearing a lot about Obsidian lately and decided to give it a go.
Most of my work is about programming and hardware, and I found Xournalpp to be decent enough at letting me type stuff and then draw on top of it, since I like to annotate code for my students. I already do markdown for my webpage (static html built from markdown files) so it’s a huge plus for me to be able to do all my work in markdown. I don’t see how my material for students could be done the Obsidian way, and I’ve been looking through the plugins library but haven’t found anything like it yet. Closest I can think of are the plugins, but that creates a separate image, which would not allow me to change the code later if I embed it in it, right?
Here’s a screenshot of what I’m trying to do. Any help is appreciated, or if this is just impossible to do in Obsidian I’m open to trying other software more suitable for the task.

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