Newbie just getting started - working with links

What I’m trying to do

Hi, I am just getting started with this app. I am trying to create two different types of links:

  • website link
  • local file link on mac
  • I tried entering this but does not seem to be working yet on my right side window…


although it seems to work on this page ok…

  • also how can I create a link to a file called test.txt on my mac desktop?

Single square brackets for the text followed by parentheses for the URL

[Link to Google](

Link to Google

How about this:

[Link name](file:///Users/UserName/Desktop/dummy.txt)

It will open in your text editor. The only files that open in Obsidian are from within the Vault folder.

Thanks much RobOK for the help - sorry for the delay.

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