NEWBIE help with customizing editor view behavior to make it "render" less in "source-mode"

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Seeking help with editor displaying and allowing selection/interaction as raw-markdown rather than partially rendered (source-mode). As it is, for me, it is challenging/frustrating to cut/copy/paste/select (keyboarding /and-or/mouse) when dealing with lists, tasks, etc.

What I’m trying to do

I am writing markdown and editing, especially moving between (headings, lists, tasks), and find myself constantly battling the source-mode view’s attempts to helpfully render markdown when I want to see and select/copy/cut/paste the raw (but colorized) markdown source.

Things I have tried

Searched the forums for any options or notes that allow me a more “raw” presentation of markdown in the editor. But so far the only mode-choices seem to be

  • reading
  • source mode
  • live preview

where I have not found any options to tweak or adjust their editing-presentation behavior.

Thank you anyone in advance for assistance or guidance

It’s the theme you’re using that does this “helpful” rendering. I switched to Minimal for this reason.

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:exclamation: Really? :exclamation:

Wow - thank you for that hint/clue :bowing_man: :jigsaw: :world_map:

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