Newbie confused about syncing and commercial options :)

new to obsidian
a couple questions (i could not find a contact us link to go direct to obsidian)
a) - whats included in the commercial fee (50)… is it just fee for being ‘commercial’ or does it include some syncing etc.
b) can we use our own syncing service (ie access the vault via onedrive from the various platforms).
c) is there a family plan for syncing thats a bit more ecomonical than … 100 a year per person.
(assuming pro - as reg is not enough space)

a) The commercial license lets you legally use Obsidian in a workplace setting. Details in the link below. It does not include Obsidian Sync or Publish.

b) Obsidian “vaults” are just a folder on disk. For Desktop ↔ desktop sync, you have lots of options. Desktop ↔ mobile less so, but there are a handful.

c) These are the Sync plans and discounts as of now:

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