New zettelkasten note in new pane

Hi :slight_smile:
Many times I have a document open(an md file) and I want to create a new zettelkasten note but when I press the “create new Zettelkasten note” it always creates it in the current pane instead of opening a new one.


I think this might be a limitation of the Zettelkasten note. What you could do (and is better in my opinion because it also learns you how to get comfortable with split panes) is to open a split pane and the add a new Zettelkasten note.

My workflow for this (using remapped shortcuts) is CMD+D → Split Vertically and CMD+N → Create new Zettelkasten note

You could also create a feature request for the Zettelkast prefixes like “Add option to create a new Zettelkast note in new pane”


Definitely could use this feature as well. Given that Zettelkasten notes are the only way to consistently use a note with a specific template, the option to open a new Zettelkasten note in a new pane would be an awesome UX improvement.

Thanks for this “hack”!

The trick that I use for this is to pin every pane I create, as soon as I create it. If all your panes are pinned, any note open, create, or navigate functions will automatically create a new pane adjacent to the current one. (I set a hotkey for the “toggle pin” command, too.)


Yes please! The new zettelkaste note always overrides my current pane
The solution would be for someone to create a community plugin doing the same thing but with additional features.

The workaround works really well. Thank you!

I hope this feature is implemented as well. One shortcut always trumps two. Hehe.