New year new publish, share what you did or how you use publish for your website/wiki

I am looking for some inspiration, on ways I could start using publish, as I love the idea, love how the network graph is on the top right, branching out from ideas.

Lets see your unique case uses of your publish site!

I wanted to create a portfolio and a personal publishing website. I’m learning and building as I go, the site is still work in progress:

Some things I’m still trying to figure out (they might not even be possible yet):

  • Hide certain connections from the node graph.
  • Preventing certain pages from appearing in the “Pages with tag” list.
  • A UX friendly way to localize content.
  • A way to mimic the “Spotlight” plugin: serve a random note within certain criteria to the viewer.
  • Almost all the “related content” lists are made manually, Smart Connections plugin makes my work more efficient, but I’d love to find a way to automate some of that.

I work at an org that does a lot of research and so I have pages for good papers/reports I read. I then pull these pages together in “micro-reviews”. I use publish to put it online, password protected, for my team to use as an internal knowledge base.

Another thing: I am doing a literature review for a client, and one thing I am considering doing is providing the literature review in the form of a vault with a publish website attached. Of course I’ll also write the report they’re expecting (and paid for lol), but I can’t help but think it might also be valuable to provide them with all my research in a graph too. A report is constrained by linear writing, which has pros and cons.

One idea for you might be to pick a research topic that you want to become an expert in that you think others might be interested in, then create a vault with publish site that has your notes on the various sources, as well as synthesis documents. Perhaps your vault has something like this already?