New vault with same plugins from other vault, any issues?

Hi, I am splitting up my main vault into smaller more specific ones. I originally dumped all my notes into one vault to sort them as they were coming from many different apps (Scrivener, Evernote, Simplenote, etc, etc). Now that I have them more or less sorted the way I want I am trying to make smaller vaults that have just similar things rather then everything and anything.

I would like to know if anyone can answer the following:

  • Can we just copy the entire plugins folders (and json file) from one vault to the new vault the same as we can snippets? Or do the plugins keep vault specific data in their folders that would be a problem?

Just to be clear I know

  • copying the folder and the json file will work in bringing them over.
  • some plugins do save some config data to their folder
  • looked in data.json of each plugin that had one (didn’t see any paths that were outside the vault)

what I am worried about is perhaps I use a plugin in the Music Making vault and that somehow edits something in the Programming vault. In other words does anything get saved that would reference some other folder on the drive?

Things I have tried

Copied plugins folders
Searched forums (saw other did it but no reports of if there were ever any issues)

What I’m trying to do

Save some effort making new vaults.

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Yep, you can carry over plugins from one vault to the other by copy/pasting their folders. The .obsidian folder also has other .json files that can be helpful to move to your other vaults if you want the same setup (core-plugins, app, appearance, backlink, hotkeys).

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