New user here, vault takes forever to load :(

Am hoping to get some help here because I’m unable to start using my Obsidian app because it takes forever to load. I think I chose to save it under ‘Documents’ and now whenever I open the app, it shows “Loading vault…” and this continues indefinitely. I’ve tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it, but that didn’t work.

When I tried out a separate user’s suggestion to do the following:
“Quit the app, then delete the folder at /Users/YourUser/Library/Application Support/obsidian/ This should reset the app back to the starter page.”

I realised that having I’m not able to find obsidian under ‘Application Support’.
My error message said: ENOENT: no such file or directory, stat '/Users/[mydirectoryname]/Documents/AY20:21 Sem 1/ GL4889B/Syllabus… till the name of a document.

Environment: MacOS BigSur 11.1 - Obsidian - 0.10.6

Would appreciate any help so I can start using the amazing app that is Obsidian :’) Thank you so much in advance!

the directory to delete is this

/Users/[mydirectoryname]/Library/Application Support/obsidian/

Hi there White Noise! Thanks for getting back to me- I didn’t get a notification for this until today. After navigating Users/ [mydirectoryname], I don’t have Library/Application Support/obsidian/.

However, I do have Macintosh HD/Library/ApplicationSupport. But after that I’m not able to find obsidian :frowning:

I don’t know where it is. My advise is to uninstall obsidian. Then search your WHOLE computer including hidden files and folders for an ‘obsidian’ directory and delete that too.

@WhiteNoise Couldn’t that colon in the folder name be causing this?

A user’s Library folder is hidden by default. Use Go > Go to Folder to navigate into that folder.