New to Obsidian, question on features and migration paths

Hi folks,

I’m still in reach mode as I’m looking for a new note-taking app that has a web version, android, and Linux app. I see the Linux and Android (Beta), but is there a web version?

Also, I’m migrating from OneNote, is there any import paths directly from OneNote? Or, as a test, I found a script that migrates my data from OneNote to Joplin, so I have my data in both OneNote and Joplin. Are there migration paths from either of those apps?

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Wow, so I exported a notebook from Joplin to Markdown format. Added that data to the Obsidan Vault folder and almost everything is there. Links look a little weird, and I don’t see any images, but I think I’m on the right track. Any guidance would be very helpful.


The images should still be in the Dropbox folder you used for Joplin, you should be able to manually copy them over. Mobile apps are coming very soon for Obsidian. Depending on what you use for syncing, you can use other apps in the interim.

I use Dropbox and have an iPhone, so 1Writer and Editorial both work well. For web, there are various Markdown editors that integrate with Dropbox:

  • Dillinger
  • StackEdit

And this one I wrote that is really simple:

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