New to obsidian - phd research help

Hello, I’d love some guidance on research best practices. If there is already a most-current topic on this, please send me in that direction

What I’m trying to do

I just finished watching a few very good videos on linking zotero to obsidian using zotfile. and now I just learned that zotero 6 is incompatible with zotfile.

I"m a PhD student needing good zotero/obsidian interface. What are the current best practices?

i had already gone halfway through this discussion before realizing that it might be out of date:

i see that there are methods that are being used today.

so i have a question. i’m trying to link zotero 6 with obsidian and i see a couple different methods.

which is better? pros and cons? between MDNotes and “zotero integration” obsidian plugin? or both?

i’m rather lost

Most people have moved to the zotero integration plugin;
some of us are still using mdnotes since it has functionality missing in ZI and zotero 6 doesn’t have as much in way of annotation options as other pdf readers; ZI works best with native zotero 6 annotations and not so well with annotations from other pdf readers in my experience so I have not switched to it.

It mostly depends on what you’re prioritising for your notes.

thank you so much for this reply

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