New to Dataview and code - I want to find all my notes with youtube links - please help

What I’m trying to do

I use readwise to import all my notes, I added source into the frontmatter but it does not pull the youtube source, it just pulls “reader”.

Here is the front matter that’s been imported:

title: Figma Auto Layout Tutorial Update - Master It in 1 Hour - With Exercise Files
author: Ari Pxl
category: articles
date: 2023-04-29
source reader
URL: Figma Auto Layout Tutorial Update - Master it in 1 Hour - With Exercise Files - YouTube

Things I have tried

I’ve tried a few things, but still learning…

From ""
WHERE contains("www"

I did read the docs here:

Was trying to make sense of this:

elink(url, [display])

Construct a link to an external url (like If provided with two arguments, the second argument is the display name for the link.

elink("") => link element to
elink("", "Google") => link element to, displays as "Google"

which I found here: Functions - Dataview

I also searched the forum, but some stuff was beyond me.

but I have a LOT to learn as I just can’t really figure this out. I can find tags though so that’s a + I think lol

To be honest I was just trying so many things I was making it up!

Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

Try this:

WHERE contains(URL, "www")

I’m not fully sure what you want, so this is assuming you want all files that contain ‘www’ in their URL frontmatter field.

If you just want all files where URL has a value (in other words, URL is not empty or nonexistent), this could also work:

WHERE URL != null

If you also want to display the URL in the table, you could try this:

WHERE URL != null

Amazing thanks so much!

they a work!

Sorry I wasnt clear I do a lot of Research on youtube. Watch a lot of Ted Talks etc. I take a lot of notes, So I want you to get all my notes & Videos into Obsidan, but I specifically want to find my youtube videos. thanks So much for your help.

I Swopped www for

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