New Tab Toggle

Use case or problem

It’s not much of a problem/bug but an annoyance.

Take, for example, my usage of daily note, to which I use a global hotkey (w/ Alfred).
Whenever I kickstart a daily note (or any new note for that matter, cmd+n), the current note gets brushed off.

I guess - instead of remembering (whether myself or Obsidian) the exact location was left off last time for any document - having the active panes would give me more assurance so that I would remember to work on the documents that are currently active.

Proposed solution

Introduce a toggle that allows documents to be always opened in a new tab.

Current workaround (optional)

Not really, alas.

Related feature requests (optional)

I’ve also looked at some older posts:

Always open in new tab (merged with first one)

I’m not entirely sure why the second post was merged with the first one (it seems to me that the first post merely wants to have the option of opening in a tab) - in any case - my ask is identical to that of the second post :frowning:

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