New Properties and templater prompts and commands?

tp.hooks.on_all_templates_executed is very useful because:

  1. It removes the need to set fixed and arbitrary timeouts before processing the frontmatter that could either be insufficient or excessive, introducing lag.
  2. It ensures that the frontmatter is not modified, until the rest of the template has been added and processed. This ensures that the cache has been updated, and it prevents conflicts where one part of the template might overwrite another.

I made the separate userscript because I wanted to be able to merge new properties into existing properties, without modifying the existing properties.

At the time, I was experimenting with some templater scripts that were multi-step. Basically, I was defining some properties based on a note I was extracting information from. Then, I got a template suggester for which template to apply to the new note. The mergeFrontmatter userscript allows the template to seamlessly apply its properties without overwriting the properties defined in the previous step.

So the bottom line is, this allows me to insert templates into any existing file, and the template will apply its properties without any issues, merging them with the existing ones.

I think it does, or at least in my case, I haven’t gotten those in a while. But I am not sure. When you say you saw one yesterday, do you mean that you saw one when testing my user script?