New plugin: Simple CanvaSearch (search all cards/notes/groups inside current canvas)

I created this basic plugin for myself because it became really annoying looking for where I placed a specific note within my 300+ note canvas, so thought I would share it with others until this is eventually added as an official feature.


  • fuzzy search all notes/card within the currently opened canvas
  • customize whether fuzzy search will look at note content or title only
  • once a result is selected the modal closes and you’re taken to that note’s position in the canvas

How to use it:

  • just bind a key combination to the shortcut for opening the modal then press it inside a canvas

Hope this is useful for other people too, created a PR for it to be included to community plugins too in the future and here’s a link to the github, you can grab main.js and manifest.js from here:

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Please, please, please, PLEASE, make it, by default, display sorted list of all groups.

Or make a menu like this:

Also, can you make color of highlighting of found test more distinctive?