New plugin: iDoRecall

Hello Obsidian friends,

I am super-excited to share our Obsidian plugin for iDoRecall (iDR). Just search for iDoRecall in community plugins.

iDR is a spaced-repetition flashcard web app that enables you to automatically link each flashcard that you create to the precise location in your learning materials where you learned that thing. Why would you want this link? The linking enables you to quickly get back to exactly where you learned that ditty and fully refresh your memory if you struggle to recall the answer during memory retrieval practice.

Our Obsidian plugin enables you to select text in a note while in editing mode and then quickly create a flashcard that will be sent to your iDR account. BTW, we call our flashcards “recalls.” (Apologies for the branding decision that I made many years ago.)

When you practice memory retrieval in our web app, if you struggle to recall the answer, click the source button, and your Obsidian desktop app will launch with the relevant note and the linked text in view.

iDR enables you to create recalls linked to text or regions of interest using our screenshot tool that places a screenshot of the ROI into the recall’s question and/or answer. This works with:

• Files you upload into iDR: PDF, .docx, .pptx, .png, and .jpg.
• Or on the web, using our Chromium browser extension that works in Chrome, Brave, Edge, Arc, and other browsers built on the Chromium engine, you can link to
• Text and regions of interest (screenshots) on most web pages. Some exclusions include Google Docs and other sites that block web clipper-type browser extensions.
• Time codes in videos you watch on YouTube, Coursera, and Udemy. To be clear, if you are watching a video on YouTube and want to create a recall about something you just learned, click the button in our extension, and the video will pause; the most recent 15 seconds of the transcript will placed into the answer field of the recall, where you can edit/delete that tex. When you practice that recall, clicking the source button will open the video at the linked time code so that you can refresh your memory precisely where you learned that thing.
• You can create recalls linked to your Kindle highlights, and the source link will open the Kindle desktop app to the location of the highlight.

You can find iDoRecall in the community plugins list. Installation is like any other plugin. After you activate it, you need to go to the integrations section of your profile in iDR, I Do Recall, and click to copy your API key.

Then paste your key into the plugin.

To use the plugin with your Obsidian notes, click the iDR icon on the ribbon.

Select some text in your note while the plugin is in view and a small popup will appear. Click to send the selected text into the Q (question field) and/or the A (answer field) of the recall.

Then you can then save the recall and it will be sent to your account.

We have lots of demo videos on our YouTube Channel. Thank you for taking the time to read this. iDoRecall is a freemium app, and you can use all the features with a limit of 200 recalls, upload up to 10 files, and 10 MB of storage. I suggest that you don’t subscribe until you have used the free version enough to be sure that it fits your needs and style of learning.

If you subscribe, use the coupon code ObsidianRocks for a 30% discount off an annual subscription. The code is good for 100 activations and is good until the end of 2023.

If you find any bugs or issues with the plugin or anything else, please write to me david [at]

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I have been trying it for the past couple of hours. One thing I noticed; the icon is barely visible on light theme.

Thanks for reporting that. We’ll put that on our list for the first update.

Looks decent, but as I’m a student I’m immediately turned off by the extremely steep pricing. It’s very hard to justify spending that much when free tools like anki exist and work very well with obsidian.