New Plugin: Embed Code File


I am happy to share my new plugin with you: Embed Code File.

This plugin simply allows you to embed code file from vault into your notes. You can embed a full file or specific lines of a file .

I was looking for that feature in other note taking apps but could not find. The easy and simple Obsidian API encouraged me to do my own hacking. I used it for a while and then figured that publishing it will be a great idea for coders who love to take notes with Obsidian.

I am using that plugin by keeping (for example) the full source code of specific projects or parts of it into my Obsidian vault, then I embed such files or lines of files to comment or explain pieces of code.

Another interesting use case is writing a book and embedding code file into that book. Usually, writer create a separate repository and put their source code into it. With this plugin you can combine the book itself with the fully functional source code without the need to write same code pieces again; just embed them.

I will leave you with some demos:

Embed code file


Embed lines from code file


Add title to normal code block