New Plugin: Copy Search URL

This plugin adds a button to the search view. Clicking it will copy the Obsidian URL for the current search to the clipboard. Here’s the obligatory showcase GIF:

Showcase GIF: both editor and search view are open, a search for "code" is done, then a mouse click on the new "Copy Obsidian search URL" is done, the result is manually pasted in the editor, then another search is done for "note", the button is clicked, and the result is pasted into the editor as well, show a different URL

As of this writing, the plugin is in review. If you’re curious and don’t want to wait there’s always the installation via BRAT — more on that in the repo’s README. :slight_smile:

Please note

This plugin adds functionality (a button) to a core plugin. The jury’s out on whether that idea is a wise one, tho — either way, here we are. :wink:

I wanted this functionality for a while so I’ve built it myself. It was a good learning experience for me.

Had to move the showcase GIF, apologies:

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