New plugin: Cloze

Hi everyone! I just created a tiny plugin to quicky turn highlighted texts, bolded texts or any other selected texts into clozes.

In my experience, I have found that engaging in cloze exercises can be highly beneficial for memorizing details, particullarly when learning a new language. I usually did it with Anki, but I got a little bit tired of arranging cards, so I thought why not just do cloze exercise in the Obsidian? And thats where the inspiration came from.

I hope there might be a possibility that this plugin could do your good as well. Since its my first plugin, so it cant be perfect. Any suggestions or feedbacks are soooo welcomed and expected! :hugs:


Thank you for reading this post! :smiley:


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Wow! This will be very helpful in my studies. Thank you for this awesome plugin!

Haha thank you for your kind words. Iā€™m glad you find it useful! :blush:

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