New plugin: Citations (with Zotero)

@alltagsverstand I did follow the export my file from Zotero with the automatic updates option and without. I followed the instructions in the plugin, I am not sure if that is what you mean by following the auto-export instructions from BetterBibtex.

This is what I copied into the plugin


My path looks like

So you want the file’s path, with extension, not just the containing folder.

@atiz I guess the “MyLibrary1” is the file and not the folder - but you are right, the .bib extension is needed. But as @Cheatbone said before, he already added the extension to the file.

So, to be honest, I have no clue what might be the problem.

@Cheatbone, could you maybe add a screenshot of your BetterBibtex export settings in zotero? And maybe another screenshot of your plugin settings?

It seems to be working now. I saved it to my documents folder and added the .bib again and it is loading all of my references. This was a very humbling exercise… Thank you for bearing with me @alltagsverstand and @atiz.


I actually have the same problem. The plugin does not update when the CSL-JSON gets updated, until a restart of Obsidain. It happens in both my PC and my mac.

First of all, thanks for the plugin. I’m having some trouble with long author lists. It seems that {{author}} is not working for the title, and {{authorString}} causes an error. I checked this by putting the long author list in a reference that wasn’t given me trouble before and the error persists.

What am I doing wrong? :sweat_smile:

Seems like the plugin developer has somehow disappeared from the scene…!? Also in the github repository there is no more activity for more than a month… :frowning_face:

Are you still out there @jgauthier ? Still hope there will be further updates of this plugin in the future as this kind of citation integration is one of the most important tools for me!

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The repro have been updated by the author within the last week, so no need to worry or jump to conclusions. Also, expecting monthly updates on a spare-time project is asking quite alot. I’ sure everything rolls as fast as it can.


I don’t expect that - I am super glad that there are people with more developer competences than myself who share such awesome stuff with us! :slightly_smiling_face: I was just wondering about the fact that he didn’t reply anymore to some of the latest questions asked in this thread (after he reacted quite regularly before), and also not in the plugin’s issue site on github… :wink:

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Thank you for this AMAZING plugin, @jgauthier! This is such a lifesaver, as a PhD student trying to manage my literature learnings in Obsidian.

I’m wondering: is there any way to automatically plug extracted annotations from ZotFile into these notes? I tried the {{notes}} line, which works for the Mdnotes, but it doesn’t seem to function here (that’s probably obvious for everyone else, but as a non-techie, I assumed it’d work!)

Any ideas on how to auto-import extracted highlights/comments from Zotero into these literature notes? Of course, I can always just go in and copy-paste

Thank you!

@mada34 I’m not sure if that’s possible. Last time I checked the bib files exported from Zotero (which is what the citation plugin uses) only contain information about the PDFs, not the Zotero notes.

Actually they do - you can opt for that in the betterbibtex export preferences. Not sure, however, how to include them via a placeholder in the citation template… :thinking:

Oh! That’s true, depends on which type of export you select! Good catch!

@jgauthier - I’m going to revive this and ask again if it’s possible to add {{note}} as a variable. I see that it comes across in the .bib file as note :

Note - I normally do not make multiple notes, this was just for testing purposes… that’s what the /par line is referencing, a split between two notes.

If it’s not easily possible, no harm - but since I was able to find it in the file, I thought it was worth another ask. Thanks for the great plugin!


This lack of feature is the only thing prevent me from switching from MDNotes plugin to this plugin. That would be great if this is supported.

Hi there, this might be a really stupid question. I started today with obsidian and wanted to try this citation tool. I exported the .bib file into my vault and I can open literature notes through the plugin. However, when I want to insert a citation, it does not get rendered in the preview nor when I export the file as a .pdf. It shows only [@citekey], just like in the editor. What am I doing wrong? Am I missing out on a step or an installation of some additional tool?

Nothing - this is currently what the plugin does… More functionality might follow


Thanks for your reply! I thought I saw that somewhere on youtube or a blog, but that must have been another tool then. Looking forward to perhaps having this functionality in this plugin. Is there a quick workaround for formatting the citation when printing as pdf?

I think most of us who use this use some other tool as well. I write in markdown in Obsidian, and then convert it to latex via pandoc. Pandoc converts the markdown citations into latex ones, and then latex renders them as needed.
So, nothing wrong – but if you want to have full citations, you need some other tools. (I’m sure it’s doable without latex, it’s just the way I do it for other reasons.)

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Since nobody mentioned it I’ll suggest to the maintainer to check citeproc by John MacFarlane. It is a CSL processor that doesn’t depend directly on pandoc, I’m using it for my wiki-to-html setup and it’s quite an awesome tool.

It can be useful to generate per-page bibliography on-the-fly when entering preview mode (to me to have the bibliography hardcoded in the markdown file isn’t a good idea)