New Plugin: Blockquote Levels

This plugin for adds commands for increasing/decreasing the blockquote level of the current line or selection(s).


The plugin introduces two new commands, “Blockquote Levels: Increase” and “Blockquote Levels: Decrease”.

“Increase” adds a Markdown blockquote prefix (>) to the current line, the current selection or selections. Subsequent calls will add subsequent prefixes, thus increasing the quote levels.

“Decrease” removes the first Markdown blockquote prefix (>) from the current line, the current selection or selections. Mix’n’match is fine as each line is processed individually; when the selected lines sport different quote levels, only one prefix (>) is removed from each line (where present).

Out of the box the plugin doesn’t set hotkeys, set them yourself as you see fit, or trigger the commands using the command palette. The World is your oyster!

Showcase GIF

Showcase GIF

As of this writing the plugin is in review. If you’re curious or don’t want to wait for the review to finish, feel free to test it using BRAT. Infos on how to do that can be found in the repo’s README.

Thanks for checking it out! :slight_smile:

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