New Plugin: Actions URI β€” looking for pre-1.0 testers! πŸ™πŸΌ

Hello, friendly people,

I’m finally ready to show my new plugin to you! It’s called Actions URI and adds additional x-callback-url endpoints to Obsidian for common actions β€” it’s a clean, super-charged addition to the built-in Obsidian URIs.

It features a number of new routes/endpoints which are described in the docs:

  • /daily-note: Reading, writing, updating daily notes.
  • /info: Plugin & Obsidian environment info.
  • /note: Reading, writing, updating any notes.
  • /open: Opening notes, daily notes and searches in Obsidian.
  • /search: Running searches in Obsidian.

All endpoints support x-success & x-error callbacks which was important to me. If you send a request to Obsidian you should have the option to know its outcome, right?

I’ve yet to submit it to the Community Plugins queue, I just want more people to play around with it first, give me some feedback and hopefully help me find the most obvious kinks. :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think!