New Plug-in: Maximizing Active Pane/Tab

Have you ever wanted to double click on tab headers to maximize the current sliding tab under the “Stack tabs” view? And maximizing panes like what VSCode does? Check this new plug-in: obsidian-secret-sauce-box.

Actually the plug-in itself is a bundle of small things rather than just the maximizing active pane/tab, and it would be great if the other functionalities happen to be what you need :slight_smile: You can always choose what functionalities you want in the settings page. Enjoy!

The box is there, the sauce is missing (main.js).

Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean by “the sauce is missing”. If you are referring to “main.ts”, yes I changed the build config but it will eventually be compiled into “main.js” as other plug-ins.

Looking forward to it!


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