New PDF reader: Automatic PDF link descriptions

The new feature to add direct links into PDF documents is plain AWESOME. I am using it all day today and it changes fundamentally, how I work with PDFs (which I use quite a lot in my work)

One thing I would absolutely LOVE to see, though:
Could the links automatically add the marked text as description text? This would save about 50% of the time to add links (of which I maybe created about a hundred or more today)



can I have another question?

  1. make “copy link to selection”
  2. add to other markdown file as link
  3. click the link → this open always new pdf viewer page

do you have a same phenomenon?

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Another vote for this please - this would make it really quick to pull out the highlights of a PDF report but also quick to jump back to the original context as needed. Thank you

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If I understand you correctly, yes this is how it behaves for me.

If I have a PDF embedded in a note, highlight a selection and choose ‘copy link to selection’ - paste that link - when I click the newly pasted link - it opens the original PDF in the same tab as the note which contained the link.

I second this FR.

Would love it to be as easy to Highlight in a PDF and have that information be copied as the text in the markdown file, with the link to it. The goal in my use cases are to extract key information into a (or multiple) markdown notes, with the link acting as the reference … as well as a 1-click way to get more context about what that highlight meant.

I have been using (and like a lot) the Annotator plugin, which I presume (maybe I’m wrong) this core functionality intends to takeover. Even if not a replacement, still suggest extending this core feature capability. TIA.

Another one loving the this new feature here! It would be awesome if there were options like:

  • Speeding up the process of copying and pasting annotation links, perhaps by automatically copying the link when clicking on the annotation.
  • The ability to insert links directly onto a canvas.
  • Customizable formatting for pasted annotation links.

I’ve been really excited about that since when i read the changelog. Honestly, I was surprised that it didn’t get more attention and that there haven’t been many developments around it.

I’ve always been a fan of programs like MarginNote, which enable you to create mind maps with direct access to the sources used for creating the various nodes on the map. Mind maps are excellent tools for visualizing our knowledge, but I’ve often found myself struggling to understand them when revisiting them after some time. Applications like Obsidian have the potential to go even further! With Obsidian, we can create graphical representations of our knowledge through canvases, and at the same time, we can write more structured notes on specific topics. Inserting direct links to our sources within these notes would be incredibly practical, save a lot of time, and make our work much more enjoyable. This combination of possibilities would be perfect for those who use Obsidian for studying and research.

The current issue with Obsidian is that the built-in PDF reader still doesn’t allow us to make annotations. This is a problem, but I’m confident it will be resolved one day. At the moment I annotate my PDFs with external PDF reader (Okular on linux and foxit on andoid). I really like obsidian-markmind plugin too, but of course something maintained by the official team would be a step ahead.

Plus one here! The new pdf reader has the potential of solving a lot of my current workflow issues!
Being able to…

  • Highlight and comment the pdf
  • Copy the text of the highlight, with a corresponding link and past that on a pdf

… would end my dependency on other software.

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