New page-link auto-completion

Use case or problem

Very small QoL request.

Currently, when creating a new wiki-link, the autocomplete options appear and on selecting the page of interest and pressing return, the wiki-link automatically gets completed and the mouse cursor automatically positioned at the end of the closing brackets. This allows you to continue typing right away.

However, when creating a wiki-link for a new page, the only way to complete the page link and still move the mouse cursor to the end of the brackets is to press “cmd-right arrow” (or the equivalent on PC). It would be nice to be able to start the new wiki-link, finish typing the name you want for the new page and then press “return” to both complete the brackets and position the cursor at the end of link – similar to how it works for already created pages. This would help writing flow.

Proposed solution

When creating a wiki-link for a page that doesn’t yet exist, make the first auto-complete option something like:
New Page: “the text you are currently typing”

Pressing the return key would then generate the new page link and position the cursor at the end of the close brackets automatically.

Current workaround (optional)

Currently, I start typing the page link and then when I’m done with the words/phrase I want, I press “cmd-right arrow” to position the cursor outside the right brackets.