New notes titled Untitled before save

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to open up a new note and scribble down some thoughts, however, whenever I do this a new note appears in my file bar (on the left) called Untitled. This is very annoying! Then all my new scratch pad notes are called Untitled even though I don’t plan on saving them. I then have to manually delete each one

How can I jot down thoughts or new use a scratch pad for writing without having an Untitled note get created? At the very least, can the Untitled be created on save rather than on Save (like with every other text editor)

Files in Obsidian are always autosaved, so you won’t be able to have in-memory scratch files like you do in other programs. You might be interested in the core plugin called “Unique note creator” which will automatically create notes where the title is a timestamp of when you created it. That will help you find those scratch notes in the future.

A few other options:

  • Create a note called “Scratchpad” and always add to it when you have things you need to jot down quickly
  • Use the Canvas plugin which let’s you create cards that don’t need a title. Then you could use a single canvas as your virtual desk and cover it with cards like virtual sticky notes.

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