New note. Don‘t understand the view

I‘m new user here and test Obsidian.
I don’t understand the view when I create a new note.
I see following:

  1. name in tab.
  2. name in top.
  3. name at begin.
    Is this the normal view or can I hide out 2) and 3)?
    I will only have a headline.
    See screenshot.
    I test Obsidian on iPad.


  1. The name in tab, so you know which tab is which.
  2. Shows the path to the note, including folders. You can hide this under Appearance (Darstellung) settings - “Show tab title bar” or “Zeige Tab-Titelleiste”
  3. The inline title. You can turn that off under Appearance settings. “Show inline title” or “Zeige Titel in Notiz”.

And all of these elements (as far as I know) can be configured with CSS themes/snippets too.

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Thanks for helpful feedback :wink:
I will test it later.