New maintainer needed for "Dynamic ToC"

The “Dynamic ToC” community plugin (GitHub, plugin directory) is in need of a new maintainer.

It’s been downloaded 27,359 times. I’m not aware of a way of seeing recent downloads.

At the moment, Pulse · Aidurber/obsidian-plugin-dynamic-toc · GitHub shows:

  • 0 Merged pull requests
  • 0 Open pull requests
  • 1 Closed issue closed by 1 person
  • 4 New issues opened by 4 people
  • 1 Unresolved conversation

The repo has been “archived” (probably on August 13th), so no new activity can occur.

Any devs interested?

See also: New maintainer needed for “Tag Page Preview” (same scenario, same dev, different plugin).


I’m using it.

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I’m still learning JavaScript at the moment, but I’m thinking about maybe becoming the new maintainer of the plugin. Because then (I think) I might achieve a faster learning progress.

Do you use Dynamic ToC?

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  • No

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@mrienstra you can achieve a reasonable implementation of this using Dataview, which might help in the decision of maintaining this or not.

Create a toc.js file in the root of your Obsidian vault, with this contents:

// Set this to 1 if you want to include level 1 headers,
// or set it to 2 if you want to ignore level 1 headers
const startAtLevel = 2
const content = await
const toc = content.match(new RegExp(`^#{${startAtLevel},} \\S.*`, 'mg'))
  .map(heading => {
    const [_, level, text] = heading.match(/^(#+) (.+)$/)
    const link = dv.current().file.path + '#' + text
    return '\t'.repeat(level.length - startAtLevel) + `1. [[${link}|${text}]]`
dv.header(2, 'Table of contents')

And then in any note which you wish to add a dynamic TOC, you just add this code:



Wow this is colossal! I’ve been looking for a DV toc generator forever, thank you!! :pray::blush:
Works like a charm