New Live Preview Editor 2 problems: Tables and RTL

Windows 10, Obsidian 0.13.14 on Desktop

  1. Tables don’t seem to work, I can’t create tables by typing | first cell| second cell| etc. With the Legacy Editor I used to just type this then ‘Enter’ and it creates the second row. Am I missing something? If so, your clarification is highly appreciated.
  2. The new way to use RTL is to go to the settings, set the writing direction to RTL or LTR, then go back to the notes to write. Despite this is the way used in most markdown editors, it wasn’t the one used in Obsidian with the RTL plugin (not working now with the new Editor). I used to set a shortcut to activate or deactivate the plugin, so I can change the direction of editing several times in the same note, just with a shortcut. Is it possible to let teh plugin work again? BTW in Joplin you just change the language of the keyboard and the direction of writing changes accordingly. I´m sure our brilliant devs here can do it over a cup of coffee.
    Thanks for the awsome app and great devs work… keep it up, and Merry Christmas
    Cheers :slight_smile:
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I don’t recall vanilla obsidian behaving this way. Maybe you were using a plugin.

Item 1 sounds like Advanced Tables, but I can confirm this is broken in v0.13.14 unless “Use legacy editor” is enabled (along with a few other plug-in behaviors which have been noted elsewhere)

I’ve seen this just now so maybe it’s no longer relevant for you, but note that the RTL plugin works properly with the new editor now.