New installation: connecting to a remote vault while the help vault is open

If you connect to a remote vault in your Obsidian account, while you have the help vault open, Obsidian will immediately sync the contents of the help vault INTO the vault you just connected to. This seems bad. This is very easy to do accidentally when you’ve just installed Obsidian on a new machine and you’re connecting to an existing remote vault. (You’ll probably have the help vault open by default.) But nobody would ever want this to happen. Instead, Obsidian should prompt the user regarding if/how to merge the currently open vault. For example: merge into remote vs. create new from remote. It should not just merge the currently open vault into the remote vault without asking.

I don’t understand. Did you connect the help vault to a t remote vault?

There’s no create from remote. You need to first create a new empty vault and then connect it to a remote vault. Sound like you connected the help vault to a remote vault.