New FAQ posts

So after responding some within this forum, I see that there are some questions which repeats themself, and I’m wondering about what’s the procedure to get a new post in FAQ. (The meta post in there says post to “Obsidian”, is that here? )

Some topics I would like covered (and could rather easily produce some examples too) are:

  • How to present markdown, codeblock and queries in a forum post
  • How to store values from tp.system.suggester, and re-use them
  • How to permanently store result from dataview queries using templater

These examples I feel like it would be nice to just have a link to post into a reply to help educate the users, and give consise good advice. Some of they’re not strictly only Obsidian, but they’re common enough to be repeating questions in the forum.

So what’s the best way to deal with new FAQs, and the way forward?

PS! I do believe some of these topics deserve their own posts, and not to be hidden into Templater and/or Dataview snippets/showcase…


At the moment, the forum is not the best place to put plugin-specific info. It’s fine if people do but it’s really best to keep plugin help connected to the plugin itself.

Otherwise, Discourse’s search facilities are incredible. Folks can feel free to post #share-showcase threads with answers to questions such as the above and to refer to them whenever they’d like.

We don’t move new threads into those posts. If folks are posting this kind of thing in there, it’s because that’s what they chose to do!

The topics I suggested are plugin specific, yes, but at the same time they’re kind of default for most people, so they’re definitive FAQs material for an average user of Obsidian. But I hear what you say, and will lay this initiative down.

I wasn’t trying to suggest you did, I just tried to indicate that some of the topics, like the three I mentioned, deserve a little more spotlight than posts hidden in those rather longish threads with a common subject of a given plugin.

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