New cursor placement (v0.15.6 update) in editor mode

Things I have tried

Changing font size, which is not what I want. This makes it slightly better but not ideal.

What I’m trying to do

Hello, in the legacy editor mode on the new v0.15.6 Obsidian, I am seeing that the cursor is placed over the last typed letter. This was not happening earlier. See below:


I am not an expert in CSS, so it could also be something to fix in the theme ( I am using obsidian Nord). If so, please let me know how.

Thanks a ton!

Just curious, but why are you using the legacy editor?
It is only useful if you depend on some old community plugins which have not seen a update.
Everything else works just as well using the new editor.
It’s mostly a internal change.
Editing raw markdown is still possible, you don’t need to use the Live Preview mode.

Most Community Plugins & Themes no longer maintain compatibility with the legacy editor as it will be removed in due time.

Sorry, I meant to say source mode but called it the legacy editor mode.

FYI the behavior I am seeing is the same even in the live preview mode.

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