New computer: settings


I have a new mac and my Obsidian vault folder is synchronized completely.
However, when I open Obsidian on the new computer, some settings do not seem to be migrated.
I see all my community plugins, but all are disabled. Shortcuts are not working etc.

Interestingly, the .obsidian folder contains some duplicate files:

total 136
drwx------   19 simon  staff   608  3 Nov 07:34 .
drwx------  229 simon  staff  7328  3 Nov 07:53 ..
-rw-------    1 simon  staff   243 18 Okt 15:04 app (1).json
-rw-r--r--    1 simon  staff     2  3 Nov 07:53 app.json
-rw-------    1 simon  staff    79 18 Okt 15:04 appearance (1).json
-rw-r--r--    1 simon  staff    24  3 Nov 07:53 appearance.json
-rw-------    1 simon  staff   147 15 Jul 08:37 command-palette.json
-rw-------    1 simon  staff   309  3 Nov 07:53 community-plugins.json
-rw-------    1 simon  staff   290 18 Okt 15:04 core-plugins (1).json
-rw-r--r--    1 simon  staff   222  3 Nov 07:53 core-plugins.json
-rw-------    1 simon  staff   113  5 Okt 11:22 daily-notes.json
-rw-------    1 simon  staff   531 22 Okt 13:08 graph.json
-rw-------    1 simon  staff  3631 22 Okt 16:23 hotkeys (1).json
-rw-r--r--    1 simon  staff     2  2 Nov 17:23 hotkeys.json
drwx------   15 simon  staff   480  3 Nov 07:02 plugins
-rw-------    1 simon  staff   980  4 Okt 10:58 starred.json
-rw-------    1 simon  staff    27 16 Jul 13:19 templates.json
-rw-r--r--    1 simon  staff  2006  3 Nov 07:53 workspace
-rw-------    1 simon  staff  4589  2 Nov 14:37 workspace (1)

Is that normal? How can I solve this? Could I expect a seamless migration of everyhing or did I overlook something important?
Thanks & regards,

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The duplicate files definitely aren’t normal.

How are you syncing? You didn’t mention, so I’m assuming Obsidian Sync. But are you also using any other sync solutions, or storing your vault in an iCloud folder, for examples? That can cause issues if you have 2 things fighting each other.

(And I’m afraid I haven’t kept up with the sync features. I don’t know if all settings and plugins are intended to sync.)


I don’t use Obsidian Sync, the files are on a GDrive. It’s not my intention to work on this vault with two computers. But this is probably my error: I had Obsidian opened on both machines and probably there was a conflict which lead to the duplicate files.

Assuming that there was not any concurrent file access, it should have worked to have ma vault migrated 1:1 to the new machine, is that correct?

Thanks a lot, regards,

In Community Plugins settings, is Safe Mode on or off? It should be off, when you want to use community plugins. From there it is a simple matter of going down the list and toggling the on/off switch for all the plugins you want to use.

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