New Canvas

The new Canvas is just plain Gorgeous.

With couple of small tweaks, would be the obvious goto tool for Database Development Design of ER and ERD Diagrams…

  1. Be able to change each end of a Connector to include the Crowsfoot notation for 1:1, 1:M and M:M

  2. Be able to build an Attribute List like… FirstName TEXT, FamilyName TEXT, DoB Date under the Card Name and be able to Expand and Collapse that easily in addition to Expand All and Collapse All.

  3. Be able to attach the Connector to a particular Attribute line when expanded and connector to the Card when collapsed.

The holy grail of ER - ERD diagrams.

Already better than Lucid Chart and eDarweMax

Keep going dev team… Don’t Stop… I can see the Light at the Bend in the Funnel.

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