Nested vaults - usage and risks

Awesome, thank you!

I just want to mention another usage of nested vault as I haven’t seen it talked off yet. Nested vaults come in handy when you want to separate notes for security reasons. For example, I can have notes containing public information in one vault. Then I can have another vault with proprietary information, which will never leave local system, but I may want to refer to my public notes. In this case, I can nest the public vault inside the private one.

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The other approach, the one I use, is to have a master vault which is not synced, and sync only sub-vaults. These sub-vaults represent my current areas of activity and I only have one level of sub-vaults in my master vault.

My master vault lives on OneDrive but is locally synced to my PC. OneDrive can restore deleted files for 30 days, which works for me.

OneDrive itself does sync. Any problems with that?