Nested Popovers

So some games such as Old World and Crusader Kings 3, two information heavy games, are introducing nested tooltips. Where you can lock a tool tip into place and open up another one above it, hyper text style.

Would anyone else be interested in this for our note taking system but “nested popovers”, where you can lock a popover in place and then open up a hyperlink shown within the popover, where it is like stacking popovers?


I would love that. I wasn’t able to see an example from those games yet, but @ben posted a link today with a Roam plugin example that does some interactive popovers and it’d be amazing to have that. Editing notes in hover preview

Here is image example and Dev Diary that it is from @Fovea

“One of the new features in CK3 is Tooltips in Tooltips, the aim of this is that relevant information can just be a mouse move away whenever you see blue highlighted text in game. Instead of making you need to dig through a wiki to find out what a Game Concept means you can just mouse over it and get an explanation!”

“This behaviour is nesting so you can get more and more information, so all the blue highlighted Game Concepts in this can also be highlighted to explain what a Ruler is and then what a Title itself is etc.”

"There are two different modes for Tooltips in Tooltips, timer lock and action lock with the former being the default. These modes determine what causes the Tooltips in Tooltips to lock in place and stay, either a timer which is configured in the settings menu or by clicking in the middle mouse button to manually lock them in place.

We have these two modes so that once you get more comfortable with the game you can turn the tooltips in tooltips into an opt in mode with the action lock for when you come across something you want to see instead of it being more present trying to aid you."

Yes please! Are you seeing this as a way to interact with your page previews, and then click a link in there to get another popup?

Because I would love that. Sometimes you don’t want to click through to a link or open another panel and this would provide an option to fluidly hop into 1 or 2 notes without leaving the place you’re in.

Ya and this is especially powerful if you keep your notes very atomic like I do, so your popovers aren’t that big. It allows you to follow context as needed.

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Implemented in 0.9.3