Needs updating to electron 18.2.4+ (Unable to launch on debian buster/ubuntu bionic)

Steps to reproduce

launch app on ubuntu bionic/buster

Expected result

app launches

Actual result

crashes with version V_1.0.0’ not found`


  • Operating system: Ubuntu bionic and many older linux systems

Additional information

all you need to do is upgrade to electron 18.2.4 or newer. this is an upstream chromium bug which has been fixed in 18.2.4: fix: remove use of xkb_keymap_key_get_mods_for_level by zcbenz · Pull Request #34155 · electron/electron · GitHub

did you try to search the forum before posting?

yes, unless I have missed something none of the insider builds have announced that electron has been updated and no other post here indicates that the devs are aware this needs upgrading.

like I said, this is a known electron issue with electron 18.0.0 to 18.2.3 and all applications must be upgraded to fix it. the current release uses 18.0.4 (one of the releases with the bug)

the insider builds do not update electron.
The problem was already reported.

We update electron periodically with public releases.

alright, I guess the search tool isn’t as good as I would hoped. I searched for electron and the bugfix comment but got no results since it was not written in that other report in text. the links don’t appear to be searched I guess.

I hope you update electron with the next release, there should be no issues with doing so.

this is not an upstream bug anymore… since it is fixed upstream