Need to zoom an image (outside of a note)

Use case or problem

Let’s imagine following case: I am storing all notes and files related to some medical treatment in Obsidian. I simply put image files into directories, as I need them there, but I don’t need them embedded in any note, just to be collocated with related notes.

Then I go to a doctor and want to check something on such image, let it be some number on a document photo. What I would usually outside Obsidian would be to open that files on iOS in Photos app or Files app, then pinch out to zoom and move with fingers around to show desired part of the image.

In Obsidian I cannot do it. Image’s size is adjusted to fit screen width and cannot be zoomed in.

Proposed solution

I imagine something like when I open the image file in Obsidian and tap on it, it could open zoomed overlay like in some other apps and websites, where I could move image around, then tap again or on some “X” to go back to regular size. Or, even better, to be able to pinch image to zoom without any extra overlay, just do it on that image preview visible by default. Or to have some zoom slider on the side to use.

I struggle with it most on iOS, but it would be good to zoom on desktop too. Workaround on desktop is easier, because it takes significantly less effort to open such image outside Obsidian and navigate quickly between other images in the same folder in Finder (macOS).

Current workaround (optional)

In order to do what I want I have now to go to Files app, tap a lot to navigate to same folder as I was looking at in Obsidian, tap on it to preview it, then realize it has open Obsidian again, go back to Files, press long this time to see a context menu, choose preview, then I finally can zoom in on details.

I was searching this forum to any Obsidian customization that could help but I only found CSS snippets to make image zoom on hover, which doesn’t address my need at all, because:

  • zoom level is arbitral, no possibility to adjust it on the go
  • image cannot be moved around to show desired detail