Need to Stop the Cursor from Blinking


I’m using Windows 10, & Windows has simple settings for the cursor (caret)—for which I have Cursor-Blink-Rate Set to ZERO-Blink (“0”) — but Obsidian is the ONLY editor on my entire PC that ignores that setting (which is driving me Crazy)!! I believe there is a Cursor-Blink-Rate Setting that can be added to CSS, but I’ve been unable to find that! If you can help me find that No-Cursor-Blink Setting, I would HUGELY appreciate it!! {I think that I only need it for Obsidian’s “EDIT-Mode”; and that CSS Snippet is probably just a single line; but I would ALSO need to know where to drop that line into my CSS file.}

Thank You Very Much!
– Chuck

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