Need some guidance, what cloud services are recommended for storing/serving photos in Publish?

What I’m trying to do

I understand that Obsidian Publish doesn’t currently offer the best services in storing/serving images. While you can store them directly you risk breaching the 4GB cap on Publish.

Things I have tried

I have tried quite a few options but they each come with a disadvantage which pretty much kills the idea of using said option.

AWS S3 is a great but there’s cost buildup if you’re not monitoring your services. S3 will not allow you to cap the number of serves at least not with some added layer of smarts for monitoring services/traffic.

Cloudflare has a image service which would be perfect since my domain and dns is through them. However, they also have paid plans that if you breach the number of serves per month you can rack up charges.

The other option was Adobe Lightroom. This seems to be the best option at the moment because this option simply doesn’t care about number of serves. As long as you’re ok with the monthly subscription then go for it. However, if you’re not a user of Adobe products then it’s kind of a waste in my opinion.

What other options are y’all using? Perhaps it’s time for Obsidian to consider an additional feature to Publish or an add-on for image hosting. I don’t think it’s out-of-line, provides a image hosting service to their users. It would sure help most of us w/ large vaults offload some of that storage so we don’t breach the 4GB limit.

4GB is a lot of photos. Are you optimizing their size?

I would determine whether 4GB qualifies as a substantial storage capacity only once I approach that threshold. My standard practice involves resizing or optimizing files to stay within the 20MB limit imposed by my email client for attachments.

Should I ever approach the 4GB storage limit, I intend to explore suitable cloud services for storing and serving photos. It may necessitate experimentation with further optimization, albeit potentially compromising image quality, which could affect the way I present my work and well as write about.

I’d appreciate any recommendations you might have. Are you currently using a cloud service, and could you offer guidance/recommendation when it comes to resizing and optimization w/ Publish?

20GB is way too big for a web image. Download some random photos from webpages and see what the sizes look like — they’ll be a lot smaller than that.

Whatever app you store or edit your photos may have an option to export for web — if so, use that. If not, you’ll need to either get an app with an option like that or learn a little about how to resize. This article has some decent-looking guidelines (they’re pushing their own app/service but you can ignore that and use the advice with whatever app): Resize Images for the Web Without Losing Quality | Shutterstock

(I don’t use Publish because I have a regular website already and Publish wouldn’t suit me anyway.)

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