Need Opinion On Notes

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been using obsidian for a long time and have a question. Once you compile a paper from your notes, do you also keep the finished paper in the vault? The issue I am coming across is it seem to overcrowd and make searching tedious. I write many articles and post weekly and am thinking of storing the finished product outside of the vault.

What’s you opinions? What is the best approach?

How about using an Archive folder, with sub folders that contain all the materials that went into a specific article?

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Within Settings, in the Files & Links section, you can manage which folders are excluded. It explains that Excluded files will be hidden in Search, Graph View, and Unlinked Mentions, less noticeable in Quick Switcher and link suggestions.

Hopefully that helps. I definitely like keeping these composite notes around. Using embeds is also helpful since the embedded text will not dilute your searches, etc.

Good luck!


I have a similar problem, so I exclude from search manually. I want to see them in the graph. They’re color coded, so I can see areas where I’ve written a lot and places with open space that offer opportunities for things to write about.

I think Eleanor Klonik said she keeps hers in her vault because she forgets what she written or what she said, so it’s easy to reference in one place.

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Thank you very much. That is exactly what I was looking for. I couldn’t get the regex to work, but I can pick the folder outright. I tried 05.* and it still showed those files. 05.* represented folder “05.1 Papers”. I had a few 05 I wanted excluded and thought regex would have worked.

Again, thank you!

Did you put the slashes on either end to mark it as a regex?

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I tried different variations. \05.* also \05.\ I wonder if you have to do \05..

Those are backslashes. You need forward slashes: /05.*/

Well I just won the ID.10-T award. I’ll give that a try. Thank you.