Need help for Dataviewjs and any ideas about uploading highlights to Readwise


I use Obsidian not only as a notes app but also as a reader. So I need to upload bold and Highlights text in a page to Readwise, because I want to review them all together.

For now, I use Highlight plugin to extract highlights then copy paste to make a .csv document. Then upload csv document to Readwise. This method is working but not efficient. Because this need to extract highlights one by one article.

I am just thinking, is it possible to use Dataview plugin to extract multiple articles’ Highlights in one time and make a table with columns, which extract information from YAML.

For example,

Highlights means all bold and Highlighted texts extracted from selected articles.

Title, author, url are extracted from YAML

Highlights | Title | Author | URL

Then I can copy this table to make a csv document.

Can Dataview plugin do this? If yes, how can do this. Can I have a Dataviewjs code example?

Thanks for your help. And if you have more efficient way to upload Highlights in Obsidian to Readwise, please tell me. Thank you!

Anyone have ideas about my question?

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