Need CSS element name

Searched Help file on this forum & looked at CSS compilation on GitHub.

What I’m trying to do

I want to change the background color for the tiny strip at top of left-most panel which contains just 3 items:
‘File Explorer’, ‘Search’, & ‘Starred’?
Can anyone tell me the CSS “hook” to address that?

The following will adjust the background except the one for the active tab:

.workspace-tab-header-container,,,,, .workspace-tab-header-inner, .workspace-tab-header-inner, .workspace-tab-header-inner, .workspace-tab-header-inner {

    background-color: #color;


To change the background of the active tab:


ctrl + shift + i opens the inspection tool

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Beautiful. Perfect. Brilliant!
Thank you so much.

BTW, I tried to use the Inspector, and I found the myriad of tabs and options quite overwhelming. Kudos to you for mastering it.

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