Need a way to organize / categorize / group installed themes

Use case or problem

Too many installed themes to manage well.

More exactly: Some of us like to play around with themes, or rather, finding the right theme. Me, I’ve hunted since the beginning for the right theme and haven’t found it. Some are close some are almost close, some aren’t close at all, but I don’t want to delete them…yet.

There’s no way to categorize themes in the current Theme Manager. What I need is a way to create theme groups. For example:

  • Favorite
  • Playing With
  • Not Really

These are playful names (except for Favorite), but you get the idea. The one’s I’m playing with, for example, may have tweakable features that look promising, or (more likely for me) color options I haven’t gotten around to fiddling with.

Proposed solution

Add this feature, this ability to tier themes, to the current Theme Manager.

Current workaround (optional)

None, unfortunately.


Thanks. Anyone else want to chime in? Or am I on an island here?


As a workaround, you could list them in a note (with links, descriptions, screenshots if desired).


I agree with Cawlin, just take your time to study themes on-by-one, to find out your favorite (singular, not plural)

  • some themes are old or abandoned an work less than optimal with newer versions of Obsidian
  • some themes change just some fonts and colors, add some background image
  • some themes are worth your time (with useful features) and these need your attention, eg. study all their features and style colors & fonts with the community plugin “Style Setting” afterwards - most modern themes support styling with “Style Setting” nowadays

Color and font -styling is the last thing you should do, bc taste is very subjective and may consume a ton of time. My advice, pick the good stuff intentionally instead to collect and get confused what you should or should not use.

I appreciate the thoughts (and I’ve done that, taking notes on themes). But I want to map my preferences to the interface. I’d like to sort the themes as I’ve described instead of the painstaking task of cross-referencing my notes to the long list of themes I’m still keeping for experimentation.

Maybe I care about the look of what I’m working in than most, but I doubt it. There must be plenty more people who’d take advantage of the ability to sort themes into categories in the built-in Theme Manager.

Is this also doable as a plugin? Dunno. Thoughts?