Need a Good Starter Tutorial + Formatting/Display Questions

Perhaps I’ve missed something, but I think you need a good, focussed tutorial to get people up and running, especially if they’ve just started Roam first, and are doing a comparison with Obsidian. Most users of these types of app will be reading and recording non-fiction books, articles, etc., so an ideal small tutorial will be on creating a record of books read, to be read, in progress, which leads to keeping track of authors, and also categorizing the books, etc.

Since this was pretty much the first thing I did in Roam, I wanted to do the same thing in Obsidian, and see what differences there might be. As a search on YouTube found mostly broad-brush reviews or comparisons, and a few more detailed but not-so-high production values efforts, I decided to export from Roam and import into Obsidian with markdown automatic conversion. (Nice!: I see the “PARA Starter Kit” hint to the right, so I will be following that up…)

The import seemed to work fairly well, but after a bit of manual cleanup I’m getting some odd results. I’m assuming the icon that tooltips as “Upload” is how I do attachments… yep.

What I’m wondering is if this represents a bug, that is the differences between the specific book in the right panel, and how it appears in the search window: why is the author line always outdented? why does one author line show only one leading * instead of two? why does one book (Drive) not show Authors: at all, but instead just ]] ? And why in the edit or preview window is there such a wide margin on the left of my entered data?

And lastly, how do I get a “Books” page that shows all my books, or an “Authors” page that shows all my authors? (similar to what I get if I do a search on those tags).

I’d be grateful to anyone who can explain these idiosyncrasies.


The help docs are pretty well-thought through, and there are lots of “Getting Started” threads on this forum—but I can appreciate the desire for a polished getting started tutorial. As you wrap your head around the app, feel free to note what such a tutorial might contain!

Those search results do look buggy. There are some big updates to search in testing right now, so let us know if they’re still a problem when 0.8.4 is released!

As for the auto-populated books/authors pages: there’s no embedded search yet (it’s in the cards!) but you could create e.g. a Books page and look at the Unlinked Mentions for now.


Some videos have been aggregated here -


Thanks Ryan, good info to know! JV

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Thanks for the link, Sam, I’ll check it out. JV

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