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Things I have tried

I have searched online both here and on Reddit and watched some YouTube videos for workflows / near areas, but haven’t been able to find anything similar. I tried to look into how to show current clicked tag in tag pane as a search result in a note, but I haven’t found any way to do that. It would need to react on each click and filter/search instantly without any more input.

What I’m trying to do

I want to click a tag in the tag sidebar pane and see the result of the search for that tag in a pane (preferably in the sidebar) to the right of the tag pane. This would (probably?) require multi column sidebar (which is a feature request at the moment). Alternative approach would be to display the result in a note but it would need to be dynamic (triggered on all clicks in the tag pane). With the note approach I could arrange the workspace so it works as needed.

At the moment when clicking a tag the search pane shows the results, but unfortunately the search pane can only be placed below or above the tag pane and not directly beside(if the left sidebar holds the tag pane, the right sidebar isn’t a good option for this context). So if you need to have a large tag list visible the search pane will be below it.

It would be preferential if the view/sort/format controls of this search pane/note could be hidden so that it doesn’t take up vertical space and pushes down the searched content even further.

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As far as I can make sense of your problem it occurs to me that you want all the files with a particular tag being displayed uniquely as a list or table on a single page. If that is the case then follow these steps:

  1. Install dataview plugin from community plugins and enable it.
  2. Open a new note
  3. Type the following
    list from #whichevertagyouwant
    `` `

If you want a list of all your tags then you can type “table file.tags” instead of “list from #whatevertagyouwant

Thank you for your reply.

The dataview result wouldn’t change with the method you described, it would still only be showing the result of “#whichevertagyouwant”.

Do you know anyway to make the dataview plugin react and update the query on all clicks in the tag pane? That would be closer to what I am looking for.

To clarify;
At the moment the tag pane works like this:

  1. Click tag in Tag page
  2. Go to search pane and click the result
  3. Note is shown

This doesn’t work with my workflow because it is dependent on the search pane which in turn can not be placed beside the tag pane. Only above or below (or tabbed).

If you have a lot of tags, and need to see as much as possible of the tag pane, you might not want to share that column/sidebar with the search results.

That is why I want the results to be displayed to the right of the tag pane (if the tag pane is placed in the left sidebar). And to clarify, I do not want to place the search pane on the right sidebar and click there to open a note. That is to far away from the tag pane which is in the left sidebar.

If there is a plugin that can dynamically react on each click in the tag page, I could create a note with ie a query/dataview or similar plugin that shows the result of the click in the tag pane after each click.

I hope this made it clearer?

Any fresh ideas? It’s almost a month after my initial post and I hoped someone else had some ideas about this, it would surprise me if this issue would be unique

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