Navigating across MOC

A secondary pane where one can move across different links in a page.
Say, Page 1 has links [[1]] [[2]] [[3]]. then,
Pressing hotkey would open link one as a horizontal/vertical split. Pressing modifier key + page down will enable navigation across the linked pages.

Easiest way for start is to pin “page 1” in preview mode and click on links instead of hotkey but it requires precise positioning of cursor using mouse.

How to do it with hotkey:

Currently this can be done with help of AutoHotkey or Keyboard-Maestro so I expect, converting it to plugin will not be difficult in case of need. Below is description of current process.


  • Each link in “Page 1” is on it’s separate line, with the same indentation level.
- [[1]]
- [[2]]
- [[3]]
  • In Obsidian, command “Follow link under cursor” has assigned hotkey “Alt+Enter”.

  • in AutoHotkey:
    “Pressing modifier key + page down” is mapped to produce sequence of keypresses: [“Down”, “Alt+Enter”] and “Pressing modifier key + page up” is mapped to produce sequence of keypresses: [“Up”, “Alt+Enter”].


  1. Open “Page 1” in edit mode and pin it.

    • command for pinning active note/pane is “Toggle pin”
    • command for pinning active note/pane is “Toggle edit/preview mode”
  2. Position cursor after “[[” in one of links.

  3. Press “Alt+Enter” to open link surrounding caret

  4. Now repeated “Pressing modifier key + page down” will move cursor across links in first (pinned) pane and open pages corresponding to links surrounding caret in secondary pane.

  5. To open selected page in primary pane, unpin the pane, repeat step 4 and pin the pane again. This sequence can also be triggered by one hotkey in AutoHotkey.