Navigate vault tree w/ keyboard in dialog when creating links using paths

Use case or problem

When creating an internal link using the path with vault, it can be a bit tedious to type out already existing folder names.

As a side note, I was completely unaware of this feature until recently. So for anyone unfamiliar with using paths to create links for existing or non existing notes, I should note that as of 0.11.3, the links created using this technique show the path as opposed to just the note name.

But, this is supposed to change soon according to another post. I am definitely looking forward to that day and think that with this feature request here as well, things would be especially great for people who like keeping the explorer hidden but often have to open and traverse it with the mouse in order to create a new link and/or note in a certain folder on the fly.

Proposed solution

If you could just type the double open brackets then a forward slash and finally use the keyboard to navigate through the vault tree in the dialog and then finally continue typing to add additional folders/note name to the path you are trying to create a link to.


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