Navigate search results without using the mouse

It would be great to have this feature. I switched recently from Roam, and it really hurts not having this. I am also using voice2code software(Talon - and lack of these shortcuts makes it impossible to add better support for Obsidian in Talon.

Does anyone know if it is possible to hack around this? I know that Obsidian gives access to devtools, but I have no experience with web programming, and don’t know if it could help somehow?


really need this feature too, even more, I want search integrate into quick switch, which allow me navigate not only between file, but also any content and header


Use case

It would be great to be able to assign a hotkey for next/previous search result. That would allow the user to breeze through the found notes in a similar manner as we’re able to do with daily notes.

Proposed solution

Assign a hotkey for next and previous search result item.


Also, pressing ESC should clear the current search.


Use case or problem

when i do global search ctrl + shift + f
i have the then use my mouse to click on one of the search results

Proposed solution

i would like to use arrow keys (up and down), tab (next suggestion) and enter (pick suggestion) to navigate the search suggestions / results


Maybe we are missing something, but how something this obvious isn’t implemented in such a well made application is beyond me. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Maybe there’s an alternative that some community members are using at the moment? :slight_smile:


After I enter Ctrl + Shift + F to get search results, the correct logic should be to use the arrow keys to select items. Now I can only use the mouse to select items, Keyboard does not work


Just seconding that this functionality is important - selection via the arrow keys would be ideal, numbered hotkeys also seem reasonable. Is there any alternative currently to get this functionality without a mouse?


please please please please please add this


this feature is absolutely critical.

How do other users search and navigate their notes? using the mouse???


Ideally first result should be actionable with enter key while the focus stay in the search box for further input if needed.

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I’m somewhat shocked this doesn’t exist. I wouldn’t even consider using an electron app normally, but obsidian works surprisingly well. This is a shame though, at least tabbing must work, just like in other apps.

Absolute must have. :+1:
Please rank that high on the to-do. It’s just a shortcut so not a lot of work anyway. This thread is from 2 years ago…


It seems crazy that such a thing isn’t easily doable - from both an accessibility and productivity point-of-view!

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I only just discovered today, the community plugin “Core Search Assistant” can navigate search results via keyboard, with shortcuts you can remap. (ctrl+N and ctrl+P by default. ctrl+enter to open the note.)

It can also show card previews of your search results, which is pretty cool for seeing context, including images!


As you said It is possible to do a search without using the mouse.

This issue is about the fact that without the mouse it is not possible to:

  • Open the files found by the search
  • Leave the search pane

This feature is absolutely needed

Guys… GitHub - qawatake/obsidian-core-search-assistant-plugin: An Obsidian plugin to enhance built-in search: keyboard interface, card preview, bigger preview


Just installed and tested a bit:

  • does NOT work with the build-in quick switcher
  • works with Quick Switcher++
  • doesn NOT work with the dropdown menu from Tasks

For auto-completion I use obsidian-various-complements-plugin which provides shortcuts for selection.

and The Oscar goes to “Core search assistant plug-in” :smile:

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Overall increase full keyboard navigation. This in particular:

After typing in a search team, allow up and down arrows to move through search results, and ENTER to select one to open.